Kadai Kadai
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The Kadai is often called the “Indian Wok”. It is a cooking vessel that can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, or copper. These vintage Kadais are made of cast iron that has been riveted and welded together. Years of use add to the patina and character of the vessel. Small Kadais of 12” – 24” are used in the home to feed a family. Larger Kadais, that can be as large as 60”, are used by restaurants, street vendors, or to serve large crowds at events like weddings.
The small Kadais make great centerpieces, while larger Kadais can be used as fire pits, grills, or even garden planters. With the character and patina of these Kadais, you can almost feel the history and years of joy and comradery these vessels were a part of.

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