Incorporating rustic elements into a contemporary home.

If you have ever stared fondly at beautiful interiors within a magazine, on tv, or design website wondering how to achieve the coveted ‘look’ take note of the various tones and layers; this is typically the key to achieving the effect most desired in a home.

Now try to imagine the last time you saw an interior you did not care for; was it too sterile? Too cluttered? Just not your style? These interiors typically do not appeal to the average person because they aren’t varied. Too much of the same thing is boring; it feels flat. Typically these spaces aren’t curated, or designed with a purpose or a feel in mind.

 Concrete, rattan, recycled glass, wood, marble, limestone, clay, iron: These are some of the many natural materials that compose the found items in our shop.

In various exotic locations all over the world the locale will hand make everything from a utilitarian object to a piece of art out of material that comes from the earth. Modern day homes greatly benefit from the addition of these items made of natural materials. Want a designer look? Incorporate these materials!

Some examples:


*Set an old wood Himalayan oil pot on top of your dining table and add some dried flowers! Put a salvaged iron side table next to your modern sofa.
*Add an ancient clay water pot near your entryway for umbrellas.
*Use one of our hand carved clay pots for a plant instead of a newly made pot. 

It will make a huge difference in your home and your everyday decor will have a bit of interesting history as well.