Hand Carved Box
Hand Carved Box Hand Carved Box

All of these boxes are vintage, hand carved boxes, that were once used to store spices for cooking, tikka, or Opium (yes Opium!). A spice box (also known as a Masala Dabba) is an essential component to any Indian kitchen. Today it is common to see metal spice boxes, but historically, these were hand carved wooden boxes. A Tika box stores the powder used for marking the forehead of Hindus known as a Tika mark or a Bindi. This mark is used to signify the “third eye” or “ajna chakra”. The Bindi is believed to retain energy and strengthen concentration. This is the point where one focuses his/her sight during meditation to help concentration. In some of these boxes you can still find traces of the colored powder used for the Bindi. Opium, while officially banned in India, is still prevalent in the villages of Western Rajasthan. The villagers use Opium as part of many rituals including weddings, funerals, and even as a way to welcome strangers. Opium boxes are used to store the raw Opium and can be simple hand carved wooden boxes, or elaborate boxes with intricate inlay of precious metal and stone. Today these boxes can be used to store jewelry, trinkets, or simply as a decorative item sure to attract attention and stimulate conversation! As these are hand made vintage items, no two are the same. They vary is size, detail, and wear.